June 26 • 08:27 PM

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  • Taming the Beast

    by Tom Lounsbury
    There is no question they knew it could easily become a raging beast in its own near mystical might whenever fire went out of control. Fire would ease humans out of the stone age, through the various ...more»
  • Fishing Lines A to Z

    by Mark Romanack
    Time once was that fishing lines were the simple part of fishing. The days of limited line choices are gone and today anglers are faced with a myriad of line types, colors and diameters to pick from....more»
  • Searching for BIG PIKE

    Where you’ll locate big northerns duringthe summer months depends on thewaterways you’re fishing
    by Mark Martin
    The northern pike is one of the most unique predators on the planet. Esox luscious (for you Latin buffs) has a veracious appetite and is not picky when it comes to what they will or will not eat....more»
  • Crazy for smallies

    Twister Tail Bassin'
    by Kenny Darwin
    I begin my bass fishing every year on the Detroit River using jigs tipped with soft plastic erratic grubs. I’m talkin’ early May bass fishing at its finest and white bass and smallies go ...more»
  • 85 year old takes possible record!

    by Jerry Lambert
    Michigan’s Berrien County is probably most notorious for being the route that many Great Lake State residents take when traveling to Chicago. The county is neatly tucked into the southwest corner ...more»

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Aggravate hens for more gobblers

Kenny Darwin - 2016-05-01
Sometimes in order to score on an impressive wild turkey gobbler you need to use alternative calling tactics. Sure, clucks and purrs can bring some birds running but in order to fool a gobbler following ...more»


Richard P. Smith - 2016-05-01
Mike Zylstra from Holland bagged the state’s highest scoring whitetail from 2015 deer seasons in Allegan County, based on those entered in state records....more»

Trolling in-line boards

Mark Romanack - 2016-05-01
In-line planer boards like the popular Off Shore Tackle Side-Planer have been around a long time. In fact, fishing enthusiasts like me have been fishing these boards most of our adult lives! During that ...more»


Joe Lunkas - 2016-05-01
First the tasty and aromatic blacks, followed by the gray, tan, and much larger white morels sprout from the fertile leaf-strewn forest floor offering themselves to both animal and human foragers....more»

Buying/leasing hunting property

Michael Veine - 2016-05-01
This is the time of year when a lot of hunters take on the task of buying or leasing hunting property. Private hunting lands are typically superior to lands that are open, so the desire to find quality ...more»

DNR supporting efforts to return wolf management to Michigan

Michigan DNR - 2016-04-01
On a snow-swept back road in Delta County, a Michigan Department of Natural Resources wildlife biologist drives his vehicle slowly. Watching out his windows, he scans each set of animal tracks he sees ...more»

Which turkey decoy is best?

Kenny Darwin - 2016-04-01
With all the new realistic looking turkey decoys on the market, which is best? Which guarantees gobblers will come runnin’ and how do I set them up to ensure wild turkeys will be attracted? These ...more»

Morels aplenty and tricks to find them

Kenny Darwin - 2016-04-01
If morel mushrooms are difficult for you to find or not showing up where you live they soon will be. Are you ready to find them by the bushel full? Michigan is blessed with some of the best mushroom populations ...more»

The UPS and DOWNS of Vertical Jigging

Mark Martin - 2016-04-01
Although it rates right up there, it’s not because the tactic outfishes all others. Rather, it’s the one ruse you can use all year - including this upcoming spring....more»

The Adaptive Whitetail

John Ozoga - 2016-04-01
In the Northern Hemisphere, the white-tailed deer's cyclic rhythms in physiology, metabolism, coat molt, reproduction, and general behavior are closely regulated by the changing amount of daylight, or ...more»
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