October 21 • 03:54 PM

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  • Bucks Love Tall Grass

    by Kenny Darwin
    It was the beginning of gun season when I slithered through tall grass with Ultimate Muzzleloader in the ready position in search of a large 10-point. I first spotted the large deer in August feeding ...more»
  • Precocious fawns grow to become superior adults

    White-tailed Deer Are One Of The Most Prolific Deer Species On Earth
    by John Ozoga
    White-tailed deer are one of the most prolific deer species on earth. Aside from being able to adapt to a wide variety habitat conditions and environmental pressures, they can breed at a young age, produce ...more»
  • Extreme shooting and endurance

    50 Teams • 7 miles • Long Range Shots • Real Hunting Scenarios
    by Tom Lounsbury
    Due to the amazing advancements in rifles, optics, ammunition and the actual science involved (which includes the shooter’s heartbeat, wind direction/speed, elevation, temperature and even the earth’s ...more»
  • Five practical tactics for fall muskies

    by Robert Dock Stupp
    Have you ever gone down to the basement, stared at the rafters and said to nobody, "What in God’s name am I doing down here?" Yesterday I did just that....more»

    Dealing with hunting pressure is the key to success on Michigan’s public hunting grounds.
    by Michael Veine
    Michigan has more public lands that are open for hunting than any other state east of the Mississippi. Even with millions of acres available, just a small fraction of that property actually officers ...more»

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New Deadly Deer Hunting Tactic!

Fred Abbas - 2014-09-01
Out of all of our deer hunting tactics nothing has performed so consistently as mock scrapes, they have proven to be our single most productive tactic year in and year out....more»

Pick And Choose For...

Mike Gnatkowski - 2014-09-01
Fall is a transitional time for walleyes. In September, lake waters are still relatively tepid, nudging almost summer-like temperatures especially early in the month and walleyes in many places are still ...more»


Kenny Darwin - 2014-09-01
If there is one thing Michigan hunters can look forward to it is early goose season because birds are everywhere. 2014 will go down in the record books as a very wet spring and summer....more»

Downrigger Dominance

Mark Romanack - 2014-09-01
hen I first started fishing Great Lakes trout and salmon the downrigger dominated the trolling scene. Touted as the ultimate in depth control, most charter boats had four or five downriggers on board....more»

Deer Hunting 2014

Kenny Darwin - 2014-09-01
September is a season of change. Fall leaves begin to outline Michigan’s vast forest lands in shades of orange, red, yellow and evening temperatures dip into the 40s....more»

Celebrate our outdoor heritage

Randy Jorgensen - 2014-08-01
At our first Woods-N-Water News Outdoor Weekend maybe a thousand people attended. It overwhelmed me and our small staff at the time. We understood though, we had stumbled on to something with potential....more»

Deer Hunting 2014...

John Eberhart - 2014-08-01
When pursuing mature bucks in areas receiving heavy consequential hunting pressure (HCHP), security cover needs should always be considered before choosing and preparing any location....more»

Crankbait Colors

Mark Romanack - 2014-08-01
Next to choosing crankbait brands and models, the most daunting task in the process of mastering crankbait trolling is wrestling with the issue of color selection....more»

Creating ultimate food plots for bow and firearm seasons

Mr. Food Plots, Ed Spinazzola - 2014-08-01
In January 1994 I went to Texas to attend DR. James F. Kroll’s week long Deer Boot Camp. And it was a boot camp; up at 3 am the first day with a venison dinner served that evening at 11 pm....more»


Kenny Darwin - 2014-08-01
Wham! The port rod slammed downward and line melted off the reel as the drag screamed and I was into a big king salmon. The fish sprinted for the shore, hit the brakes, did an about turn and zipped past ...more»
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