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  • Wake-up Call...

    What it takes to make fish strike when ice fishing
    by Mark Martin
    Attention! Attention! May I have your attention, please! When you hear the above blaring through the air, even when in a loud, crowded place, you can’t help but pause whatever it is you are doing ...more»

    by John Eberhart
    For each of the three instructional whitetail bowhunting books my son Chris and I wrote, my four instructional DVDs, as well as for hunting articles, from 1998 to date we’ve; researched many whitetail ...more»
  • My plan came together on a MICHIGAN GIANT

    I do not have great leased property to hunt with lush food plots and preferred bedding areas. I hunt private land with permission and the areas I can hunt are pressured by a high hunter density, but I prefer to hunt deer on their terms, not in habitat man
    by Gary Gillett
    On Sept. 30 I had a trail cam photo of a buck I had only seen once before the year prior from the road. It was on a property near my home, which I did not have permission to hunt until September of 2015....more»
  • Pileated Woodpecker: Michigan's forest bird extraordinaire

    by Jonathan Schechter
    Many secrets of the pileated woodpecker, the forest bird extraordinaire of Michigan, unfold during winter months, and so do dramatic photographic opportunities....more»
  • Monster GATORS on set-lines

    by Kenny Darwin
    If you are looking to ice more walleyes and catch some monster fish with gator heads and teeth like a crocodile, listen up. I’ve got an ice fishing tactic that works better than dynamite and the ...more»

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Icy Michigan Hotspots

Mike Gnatkowski - 2016-01-01
Michigan sporting goods stores and tackle dealers sold a lot of one product last winter they don’t normally get much call for-ice auger extensions. The winter of 2014-15 was one for the record books....more»

Killer Moves for STEELHEAD

Kenny Darwin - 2016-01-01
While steelies are famous for frequently leaping out of the water when they feel the sting of the hook, late fall fish are unbelievably acrobatic, tail walking maniacs that will get your heart pounding ...more»

Swamp Monsters

Jerry Lambert - 2016-01-01
I believe in monsters and so does Sandi LaFountain. Sandi is a big buck hunting huntress who had a great season in the deer woods, or in her case, swamp....more»


Richard P. Smith - 2016-01-01
A grand slam is the taking of at least one representative of each of the species the organization maintains records of; deer, bear, elk and turkey. Friend bagged the last of the four animals he needed ...more»

Lapeer County MONSTER BUCK

Randy Jorgensen - 2016-01-01
Warren Walton, 62, of Imlay City has been hunting for 45 years and although he doesn’t consider himself a trophy hunter, he was happy this massive, 5 1/2-year-old Lapeer County buck walked his way....more»

September Born Fawn: SURVIVAL UNLIKELY

Richard P. Smith - 2015-12-01
When you see a late born fawn that still has spots during late fall or winter, it’s often difficult to figure out what was responsible for such a late birth....more»

FIRST ICE - Getting the Edge on Walleye

Mark Romanack - 2015-12-01
It’s amazing to me how cooperative walleye can be when fishing on first ice. It’s like that initial covering of ice puts the fear of God into walleye that seemingly realize the easy pickings ...more»

Buck Fever!

Kenny Darwin - 2015-12-01
Suddenly, out of the fog a monster buck headed straight at me and he was in easy archery range. Snowflakes danced in the air as I could feel my pulse explode, my fingers got a tingling sensation, I felt ...more»

The Late Season Walleye Bite

Mark Romanaok - 2015-12-01
In Michigan and Ohio the fourth quarter of walleye fishing plays out in the last couple weeks of November and the first 10 days of December. Beyond that point boat launches start to ice up and open water ...more»

December Bucks

Kenny Darwin - 2015-12-01
High winds and swirling tornadoes of snow highlighted my December hunt as I slipped into the big buck bedding area in search of a monster buck nicknamed Thor....more»
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