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    Elk poaching has beengoing on in Michigan since they were first re-introduced almost 100 years ago.
    by Jeff Pendergraff
    My first introduction to elk poaching began in the fall of 1997 when I started with the law enforcement division of the DNR as the District Law Supervisor (Lieutenant) at the Gaylord District office....more»
  • Bowfishing - Combine two pastimes INTO ONE SPORT

    by Provided by MDNR
    Roy Beasley grew up fishing, but when he discovered bowhunting, he changed his technique. He became a bowfisherman. "I still bass fish at my parents’ cottage or with the guys at work," he ...more»
  • When Michiganís RUT is ROCKINí

    by Kenny Darwin
    It was a cool, clear day and I could see the big buck crashing through the underbrush after a hot doe. The pair dashed through the thicket like coyote chasing rabbit, making sharp turns, circling left, ...more»
  • Fall Means BIG Muskies

    Muskies are a fish of the next cast!
    by Robert Dock Stupp
    Oh yeah, there’s a sharp keen, kaleidoscope of colors out there, intensified by the reflections on the water. That means I need to load up some of my favorite fall baits: blade baits, spinnerbaits, ...more»
  • 2015 big-game hunting/furbearer seasons

    Prospects for the 2015 big-game hunting and furbearer hunting seasons are very good, say Department of Natural Resources wildlife biologists. Michigan offers a diversity of species and a wide variety of seasons to maximize recreational opportunity.
    by Prepared By MDNR
    Here's a quick overview of some of the upcoming seasons: BEAR Season: Bear licenses are issued by a preference-point system for specific time periods and geographic areas....more»

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Woods-N-Water News Outdoor Weekend

Tom Campbell - 2015-09-01
It’s September and that means it’s time for the 29th Woods-N-Water News Outdoor Weekend, scheduled for Sept. 11-13 at the Eastern Michigan State Fairgrounds in Imlay City....more»

Are you ready for DEER SEASON?

Kenny Darwin - 2015-09-01
The definition of luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Lucky Michigan deer hunters would be the first to admit that the more you prepare for opener the more likely you will succeed....more»

September Salmon

Mike Gnatkowski - 2015-09-01
Just about the time the maples and aspens are beginning to show a hint of color King salmon will begin nosing up Michigan streams and rivers. In some streams, Chinooks begin showing up in early August, ...more»

Declining deer numbers call for new management strategies

John Ozoga - 2015-09-01
Deer populations in North America are declining, probably most noticeably in the Upper Great Lakes region, Northeast and Southeast. Many factors are involved, but the primary reason is steadily decreasing ...more»

Use Buck Behavior To Your Advantage

Fred Abbas - 2015-09-01
Hunters today are much more educated in their sport than at any time in the previous 150 years, and so is the technology that most embrace. They also are educated in deer behavior, so does that put deer ...more»


Kenny Darwin - 2015-08-01
I could hear cows in the distant darkness as we carried shotguns, chairs, shells and full body goose decoys across a dairy farmer’s field to a destination where Canada geese feed....more»

Brown Trout And Beautiful Clear Water Streams Are Part Of My Soul...

Kenny Darwin - 2015-08-01
I was brought up by family who cherished browns as though they were the greatest fish in the entire universe; many Michigan fly fishermen love them to no end....more»

Attractors arenít just for trout

Mark Romanack - 2015-08-01
In the world of fishing the term "attractor" typically refers to trolling gear designed to create flash in the water. The idea is that flash in the water simulates game fish slashing at and feeding on ...more»


Kenny Darwin - 2015-08-01
Sure, big bucks have keen eyesight and they can spot movement ten times better than the human eye. Their excellent hearing can pick you up at tremendous distances but of all their superior senses nothing ...more»


Tom Huggler - 2015-08-01
Escape is why I look forward to crossing the Mackinac Bridge, as I have done every October for more than four decades... As I write this over the July 4th holiday weekend, more than ever I await bird-hunting ...more»
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