April 21 • 09:38 PM

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  • Poached deer will cost $15,500 plus court costs!

    by Jeff Pendergraff
    It appears that not everyone has heard about the enhanced restitution on deer poaching or they just figure they will not get caught. In 2014 Governor Snyder signed a bill into law that increases the ...more»
  • Detroit Giants

    by Kenny Darwin
    Catching a walleye over 10 pounds can attract a multitude of Michigan fishermen. Several over 11 pounds brings legions. Monster supertanker walleyes by the hundreds draw fisherman from far and wide to ...more»
  • Ramblings of a turkey rookie

    by Joe Bednar
    Hopefully fellow newcomers to turkey hunting may find this useful, and veteran turkey hunters at least may find it entertaining, or something they can relate to from their own start in this intriguing ...more»
  • Catch and Release

    by Mark Romanack
    In Michigan the "outdoor calendar" has some pretty significant dates etched in stone. Archery deer season opens on the first day of October, firearm deer season on November 15, trout season opens on the ...more»
  • Beyond mushrooming basics

    Natural and artificial propagation of morel mushrooms and wild leeks...
    by Joe Lunkas
    Springtime searching for and gathering morel mushrooms and wild leeks is a popular pastime for outdoors-persons of all ages in this great state of Michigan....more»

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Do Coyote Have An Impact On Michigan’s Deer Herd?

Kenny Darwin - 2015-03-01
It was an ugly sight as the three coyotes circled the healthy adult doe caught in waist deep snow. She was bleeding from her lip and rear where the dogs had savagely ripped away pieces of flesh....more»


Tom Lounsbury - 2015-03-01
There is little doubt in my mind that a highly underutilized outdoor pastime is wintertime squirrel hunting. Personally I thoroughly enjoy every opportunity to go squirrel hunting and I have my favorite ...more»

Locating Late Ice Walleyes

Mark Martin - 2015-03-01
If you follow the movements of walleyes during last ice you’ll catch more fish, no matter the techniques you choose... The month of March is most certainly a time of seasonal transition throughout ...more»

Find more sheds!

Jordan Browne - 2015-03-01
I think I’ve finally figured out what it is that we as shed hunters love so much about finding an antler. It provides a different kind of excitement then we’re accustomed to....more»

Trapping tradition grows in popularity

Prepared by MDNR - 2015-03-01
Doug Reeves remembers his first time as though it were yesterday... "The first thing I ever caught was an ermine, a white weasel," said Reeves, assistant chief of the Department Natural Resources’ ...more»

For Better Hunting...

Joe Delaney - 2015-03-01
There is good news for today’s muzzleloaders. However, there are so many duplicating components in the marketplace that it’s sometimes confusing. As a range safety officer I enjoy helping ...more»

Michigan bear population healthy

Richard P. Smith - 2015-02-01
Michigan’s black bear population is healthy, not declining, according to the most recent estimate made public at the Bear Symposium hosted by the DNR at Roscommon’s RAM Center on December ...more»

“Stairway To Heaven...”

Kenny Darwin - 2015-02-01
Jigging style can make the difference between limit catches and only icing a few gills, but knowing how to work your lure to guarantee strikes requires good ‘ole practice and time on the water....more»
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