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  • September Born Fawn: SURVIVAL UNLIKELY

    by Richard P. Smith
    When you see a late born fawn that still has spots during late fall or winter, it’s often difficult to figure out what was responsible for such a late birth....more»
  • FIRST ICE - Getting the Edge on Walleye

    The winter walleye fishing opportunities in Michigan are amazingly good, from in-land treasures to the Great Lakes and connecting waterways, the list is long…
    by Mark Romanack
    It’s amazing to me how cooperative walleye can be when fishing on first ice. It’s like that initial covering of ice puts the fear of God into walleye that seemingly realize the easy pickings ...more»
  • Buck Fever!

    A form of hysteria in which your cerebrum shuts down and you are left somewhat paralyzed and unable to carry out physical skills...
    by Kenny Darwin
    Suddenly, out of the fog a monster buck headed straight at me and he was in easy archery range. Snowflakes danced in the air as I could feel my pulse explode, my fingers got a tingling sensation, I felt ...more»
  • The Late Season Walleye Bite

    Fourth Quarter Fishing: The End of November And The Beginning of December...
    by Mark Romanaok
    In Michigan and Ohio the fourth quarter of walleye fishing plays out in the last couple weeks of November and the first 10 days of December. Beyond that point boat launches start to ice up and open water ...more»
  • December Bucks

    by Kenny Darwin
    High winds and swirling tornadoes of snow highlighted my December hunt as I slipped into the big buck bedding area in search of a monster buck nicknamed Thor....more»

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Magic Hour Buck

Kenny Darwin - 2015-11-01
One fact is universal regarding gun hunting for Michigan deer: Your chances for success soar the last few minutes of fast fading light. Truth is early morning and late evening is when bucks are active ...more»

New fishing regulations adopted at October’s NRC meeting

The Michigan Natural Resources Commission Thursday approved several fishing regulations at its meeting in Cedarville. Many of these regulations immediately went into effect....more»


Michael Veine - 2015-11-01
Quality deer hunting can be interpreted different ways by different hunters. To some hunters quality might mean having a lot of large antlered deer in the area....more»


Don McChristian Jr. & Jim Felgenauer - 2015-11-01
Two sturgeon fisherman were sitting in their boat talking after the battle of their lives. "Wow that was one huge fish!" One said, while holding his hands out as far apart as he could....more»

Is 100 percent stealth possible?

Adam Lewis - 2015-11-01
I once had a friend who wanted a log cabin in the northern wilderness. Like many of us, he wanted a place he could get away from the noise, hunt and never see another person, and where fish had never ...more»


Jeff Pendergraff - 2015-10-01
My first introduction to elk poaching began in the fall of 1997 when I started with the law enforcement division of the DNR as the District Law Supervisor (Lieutenant) at the Gaylord District office....more»

Bowfishing - Combine two pastimes INTO ONE SPORT

Provided by MDNR - 2015-10-01
Roy Beasley grew up fishing, but when he discovered bowhunting, he changed his technique. He became a bowfisherman. "I still bass fish at my parents’ cottage or with the guys at work," he ...more»

When Michigan’s RUT is ROCKIN’

Kenny Darwin - 2015-10-01
It was a cool, clear day and I could see the big buck crashing through the underbrush after a hot doe. The pair dashed through the thicket like coyote chasing rabbit, making sharp turns, circling left, ...more»

Fall Means BIG Muskies

Robert Dock Stupp - 2015-10-01
Oh yeah, there’s a sharp keen, kaleidoscope of colors out there, intensified by the reflections on the water. That means I need to load up some of my favorite fall baits: blade baits, spinnerbaits, ...more»

2015 big-game hunting/furbearer seasons

Prepared By MDNR - 2015-10-01
Here's a quick overview of some of the upcoming seasons: BEAR Season: Bear licenses are issued by a preference-point system for specific time periods and geographic areas....more»
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