September 24 • 04:46 AM

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  • Want squirrels? FIND ACORNS

    by Kenny Darwin
    Broken nuts scattered under the oak tree was a signal that squirrels were working the area and I hunkered near the tree trunk and remained motionless....more»
  • Making Sense of Scents for SMALLIES

    by Mike Gnatkowski
    Idid a presentation in college on salmon orientation and navigation as part of a biology class. The idea for the presentation was to explain how salmon managed to find their way back to the stream or ...more»
  • B-52 HONKERS

    Early Goose Season: The adrenaline rush of huge wings pounding at point blank range...
    by Kenny Darwin
    When giant Canada geese bank for your decoys and lower landing gear they resemble a huge B-52 stratofortress bomber coming in for landing. Some drop one wing straight down causing their body to suddenly ...more»
  • Young Albino Buck Killed

    by Richard P. Smith
    My efforts to video tape the first year in the life of an albino buck abruptly ended on June 18 when the white deer was killed by an unknown motorist as it attempted to cross a city street in Marquette ...more»
  • Visit and enjoy the Outdoor Weekend

    A Woods-N-Water News, celebration of Michigan’s outdoor heritage
    by Randy Jorgensen
    I like familiar places and things, I like to stay familiar...if you know what I mean. This, I know, doesn’t happen. Although it’s a little early to notice the darkness falling a little earlier ...more»

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BOVINE TUBERCULOSIS...a disease still worth fighting

Kelly Straka - MDNR - 2017-08-01
After more than two decades of study and testing white-tailed deer for bovine tuberculosis, Michigan has become world-renowned for its research and expertise on managing this serious contagious disease....more»

Getting the “drop” shot on smallmouth

Mark Romanack - 2017-08-01
In August some things are just a given. In the eighth month of the year, it’s going to be hot and muggy just about everywhere in the Great Lakes region....more»

Summer setup for OPENING DAY SUCCESS

Brian Miller - 2017-08-01
There is nothing like getting a crack at an early season buck. Pinpointing a whitetail’s movement then capitalizing is like playing a perfect chess game....more»

2017 Update...The U.P.’s Moose

Bill Ziegler - 2017-08-01
The 2017 Michigan DNR moose survey indicates an encouraging modest increase in the core area of the west central U.P. moose range. This year’s moose population estimate indicated 378 moose in the ...more»


Kenny Darwin - 2017-08-01
Bass finesse tactics work better than dynamite in Michigan, especially when the big hogs are in skinny water. I’m not talking about long distance casting small tubes on Lake Charlevoix for smallies....more»

The Michigan Outdoor Hall of Fame inductees for 2017

Mark Sak - 2017-07-01
As promised in last month’s edition of Woods-N-Water News, the Michigan Outdoor Hall of Fame committee had already nominated potential inductees. The voting is complete....more»

Michigan’s Oysters

Joe Lunkas - 2017-07-01
Michigan is blessed by many wild harvestable resources.... but the "oysters" you are thinking of are not one of them! These "oysters" are every bit as tasty and desirable as the oysters dredged up from ...more»


Kenny Darwin - 2017-07-01
When Michigan waterways warm and gills leave shallow spawning locations, most anglers hang up their rods and assume big gills have disappeared for the year....more»

Scent-marking by bucks in velvet

John Ozoga - 2017-07-01
The whitetail’s keen sense of smell serves in finding food, detecting predators, social communication, reproductive behavior, and probably a good many other things we humans don’t fully understand....more»

Take me to the...ROCK

Mark Romanack - 2017-07-01
One of the things I like most about fishing on the Great Lakes is the wide open spaces. For the angler who loves to be the only boat on the horizon, Stannard Rock in the middle of Lake Superior is one ...more»
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