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Van Buren County man accomplishes quest for 19- point buck

December 01, 2007
On October 25, 2007, third generation firefighter Bob Reits accomplished his quest for a specific buck that he nicknamed "Twin Towers.'' One look at the pictures accompanying this article and it is easy to see that the nickname definitely applies.

Bob's story actually begins in the spring of 2007. It was then when Bob's world literally came crashing down. He fell off of a ladder while fighting a fire and broke his knee. Reits has since had three surgeries on the injured knee and is looking at having at least one more to complete its reconstruction.

With lots of extra time on his hands, Bob chose to spend it looking for deer around his parents' Van Buren County home which is located in Paw Paw, MI. In late August Bob's eyes took in a delightful sight. Feeding in a soybean field was an absolute monster of a buck with extremely tall, thick antlers and countless points.

Bob Reits' incredible world-class buck green scored 209 gross non-typical Boone and Crockett with an estimated age of 7-1/2 years old, and weighed 207 pounds field dressed. Photo courtesy of Bob Reits
Bob was able to go home and return with a video camera and he actually got video footage of the buck in velvet. Bob quickly developed a burning desire to get this exceptional buck in the coming season.

Fortunately for Bob, his physical therapist is a bowhunter and he recommended a climbing treestand with Bob's current knee condition. Bob chose a Summit Viper and felt that it met his needs. He quickly fell in love with the stand.

Bob hunted almost every morning and evening in the month of October. He stated that he constantly moved from tree to tree on the 200 acre parcel that he hunted. October 25 was a sunny 60+ degree day and a full moon was scheduled for the coming night. Not exactly ideal conditions for hunting. Nonetheless, Reits continued his quest. He chose a forked tree in some riverbottom habitat. He positioned his stand 20 feet up the left trunk and utilized the right trunk for cover. Bob was facing a thicket. Shortly after sunset, Bob finally saw "Twin Towers'' from a treestand. Unbelievably he was approaching his shooting area. Bob drew his bow back a couple of minutes before the buck came into the opening. He could clearly see the rack approaching through the brush.

When the mighty buck reached the opening he was only 20 yards away. Bob dumped the string on his 70 pound Mathews LX and placed his arrow right behind the deer's shoulder. He watched the heavy-horned brute run off with his arrow lodged in him.

Bob did not see the buck go down so he enlisted some help in tracking. Joining Bob was his girlfriend Jess, his brother Daniel and friends Gary and Brandon. They were all aware that Reits had been pursuing this specific buck so they were almost as anxious as he was to find it.

After a short 80 yard trail they found the Michigan Monster. Bob's arrow effectively took out both lungs. Bob stated that he was so excited that he was, "Screaming like a girl.''

He phoned several of his friends while out in the field and said that there were a lot of trucks in his driveway awaiting him when he finally got home.

What everyone got to see was an incredible 19-point buck. It is an 11x8 with a possible 20'' point depending on the official measure's interpretation. This incredible world-class buck green scores 209 gross non-typical Boone and Crockett points. The estimated age is 7-1/2 years old. He weighed 207 pounds field dressed.

Bob's previous best was a 215 pound 10-point that he took with a shotgun. Bob states that he has averaged 1 buck a year for the last 16 years. Bob described this particular buck as "the most exciting hunt I've ever had.'' Southern Michigan has produced some outstanding bucks the last few years. It has truly become a land where dreams come true!n

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