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Monroe County Monster

"It doesn't take much to kill a deer with iron sights."

Paul Yentz thought he took a good 8 or 10-pointer but when he walked up to the buck he was just overwhelmed.
January 01, 2008
This past November 17th, Paul Yentz completed his season better than most hunters in the state. By the third morning of gun season, he wrapped his tag around what is expected to be one of the biggest bucks taken in Monroe County.

His story started on opening day of gun season. Since Paul had been busy all summer working, he had no time to scout or sight in. But he was shooting his trusty Remington and as Paul put it, "It doesn't take much to kill a deer with iron sights." So in the early morning hours of November 15th he climbed into his ladder stand. Upon reaching the top his gun slipped off the stand breaking off both iron sights. At that moment he yelled out in disappointment, loud enough his hunting partner on the property heard his shout.

Instead of leaving, Paul reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out some old Winchester buckshot. He always carried it into the woods just in case he needed to finish off a wounded deer. That morning a three-point wandered passed his stand and he dropped him with the buckshot. Killing that buck eased the frustration from earlier that morning. Since he didn't have time to get his shotgun sight fixed he decided to continue using the buckshot for the rest of the season.

After getting skunked the day before he headed out on the morning of Nov. 17th with the intention of shooting the next doe that passed. He went back to his stand located in a tight funnel between two larger woodlots. He loves this location because it's a transitional area with some creeks running through the area. At 7:15 a.m. a nice doe came wandering within sight and he was thinking about taking it. A few minutes later the buck came walking up the trail cautiously while checking the ground every couple steps. Paul slowly brought up his gun and steadied himself for the shot.

At 45 yards Paul pulled the trigger and the buck ran towards him to within 20 yards. Then it turned and ran back in the original direction so Paul shot again. The deer dropped right where he made his original shot. More amazingly he shot this deer in the same spot he took the 3 pointer on opening morning.

Paul decided to sit in the stand a few moments to make sure the buck was dead. He thought he took a good 8 or 10-pointer.

When he finally walked up to the buck he explained, "I was just overwhelmed." Shortly after regaining his composure he contacted his father to relay the good news. Paul had just downed one of the biggest bucks taken in Monroe County.

The deer dressed out at 168 pounds and aged at 5 ½ years old. The officials at the DNR check station estimated his buck would score from 160 to 190. The current typical record holder for Monroe scored 184 5/8 and was taken in 1997 by Michael Kelly. Paul is patiently waiting the 60 days before having Commemorative Bucks of Michigan score the buck.

This buck has a main frame of 10 points with two split brow tines. Off the back of the rack there are several large sticker points making it a 14 point giant. The base measures nearly 7" around and his buck carries this mass throughout.

While processing the buck there was a broadhead located an inch below the spine. The arrow was broken off and healed. This wound was from the previous year. In 2006, there was a very disappointed archer wandering the woods.

Paul considers himself very lucky to have taken this massive buck. He is very humble but a great hunter. Back in 1997 he took an 11 point that scored 127 CBM. He said "I thought that was my buck of a lifetime." Practically every year Paul has been successful, taking a deer and often shoots a buck. But by no means is he a trophy hunter, just a very fortunate hunter.n

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