July 23 12:20 PM
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For some the crossbow means they can hunt again

Dear Woods-N-Water News:

I'm writing in concern about legalizing crossbows.

If you're anything like me, hunting is not just about getting the big one each year, (that would be nice). It's about memories with grandparents, moms and dads, husbands and wives, and let's not forget our kids, the future generation.

October comes once a year, a time for a lot of us hunters to go afield and enjoy nature and a sport that we look forward to each and every year. Crawling into our treestands before sunrise or early evening, getting all settled in and situated, then after a few tense moments your mind starts to wander.

People like me did all my research and preparation months ahead. So now I've got time to think about how nice it would be to have my fiance out here hunting with me. But because she doesn't have the upper body strength to draw and hold a conventional bow she is basically banned from hunting whitetail deer in October just like a lot of baby boomers . You shouldn't have to have a doctor or a therapist tell you whether or not you're capable or physically fit enuogh to pull a 40 lb bow. So let's not take all the possible memories away because they're not in the shape that they used to be.

I would be the first to take one of these people, whether young or old, during bow season if they were to legalize crossbows here in Michigan. I think it would be better than going out and shooting a deer myself, just being able to watch them and the excitement on their faces and the stories they could tell. That is what hunting is all about; memories!

It's not about legalizing all the weapons or putting as many guys afield as possible. It's about putting some of these people back out there in October that want to hunt and enjoy the sport just like us.

What is the problem with legalizing crossbows for the ones that choose to use it?

It's not like all the deer will be shot in Michigan, crossbows are no faster than some of the conventional bows that shoot 350 feet per second and have 80% let off.

I called our local DNR and asked them two questions: Can I use a conventional bow to take small game? They answered yes.

Next question was: Can I use a crossbow to take small game? They said no, unless you have a crossbow permit.

Now I think that is a problem, because if they consider a crossbow a high performance firearm then we should all need permits to carry our rifles and shotguns during small game season.

Let's give some more memories to those that love to hunt and the ones that want to begin by getting something started towards legalizing crossbows here in Michigan for all. Remember we will be in this situation one day if not legalized beforehand and I hope somebody is still out there trying to get it to pass just as I am.

It's time to make a memory or two come true and to be able to hear all the different stories people will have to tell.


Chad Schwartz

Houghton Lake, MI

Chad Schwartz
September 25, 2007

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