March 26 02:27 PM
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Feds taking control of our lakes is outrageous idea

Dear Woods-N-Water News:

I read an article entitled "Feds outline plan to nurse Great Lakes back to health, and it started out with the five year, 2.2 billion dollar investment statement. That will always make an outdoorsperson have a warm and cheery feeling. Although a good informative article, there is a few more goings on Woods-N-Water News readers need to know.

The Agency President Obama organized is called "The Interagency of Ocean Policy Task Force" and is led by the chair of the Council of Environmental Quality (CEQ) and the national Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) very own Jane Lubchenco. Here is the kicker -- she and NOAA have close ties to environmental groups who would like nothing better than to eradicate recreational fishing countrywide!

This agency was charged by President Obama with drafting a national ocean policy of "Marine Spatial Planning" to manage U.S. ocean territory and the Great Lakes. Its recommendations are due out late March and can be activated by executive order of the president!

Pay attention to this, President Obama's administration and task force move ahead to accept "no more public input!" The White House task force's top priority is not finding out what is best for natural resources, and it isn't the people who use these waters. Its primary interest is advancing an agenda of control and changing the way we use the environment. That is why the Detroit News stated, "The task force effectively authorizes the feds to take over jurisdiction of one of the remaining linchpins of Michigan's economy, our multibillion-dollar fishing industry that generates over 27,000 jobs." It's why the Congressional Sportsman's Foundation says this executive order could affect over one million fishery-related jobs nationwide!

The groups that have the ears of these task force cronies are preservationist and anti-resource people like the groups Defenders of Wildlife, World Wildlife Fund, and Sierra Club. These groups collaborated on a document entitled "transition green" in the fall of 2008. These people cannot differentiate between offshore ocean commercial fishermen and sport anglers (young or old). What this task force is doing is exactly what these groups document online.

Remember back to the NOAA where I stated they had close ties to environmental groups who would eradicate fishing? If you think this is nonsense, Jeff Skelding, Director of Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition represents environmentalists across the region and praises the plans of commitment by President Obama but his coalition says too much restoration money is being diverted to fighting Asian carp! This carp could end the 7 billion dollar sport-fishing industry and Jeff Skelding's group says too much is being spent on this problem?

Are you readers starting to get my point? This federal takeover will remove our state biologist department and our ability to be able to do something on our own, like creating fish ladders, spawning grounds and artificial structure components to benefit our sport-fishing industry. Preservationists groups have always been trying to create laws to forbid fishing in areas and now is their golden chance to jump on the President's bandwagon.

The NOAA has a big green anti-American agenda to change our lifestyles that we know and hold so dear in our heart (mine anyways, can't speak about yours). In a quote from ESPN, "In spite of what we hear daily in the press about the President's concern for jobs and the economy and contrary to what he stated in the June 2009 order creating this process, we have seen no evidence from the NOAA or the Task Force that recreational fishing and its related jobs are receiving any priority." Now the task force will issue a final report and again I repeat "Marine Spatial Planning" with our President issuing an executive order to implement its recommendations, what ever they may be and of what cost to Michigan. Is this what is meant by change?

Please help stop this insanity! I am writing this in hopes you would write your congressmen and representatives. Public input is good for America. If 95 percent say we stand for an idea then why is it better for the well being of our great nation to listen and adhere to the 5 percent minority?

My head is reeling, my blood pressure is up! I hope that after you have a chance to mull this over yours have been affected also. Please do what I did, contact your reps and congressmen and at the very least talk to a friend, co-worker or neighbor. Sound off and let our voices be heard!

Because this is only the beginning!


Randy Klein

Rochester MI

March 30, 2010

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