March 17 08:07 PM
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Stearns, Whitmore writings on target, destruction

Dear Woods-N-Water News:

It did my heart good to read both Mr. Russ Stearns and Mr. Milton Whitmore's thoughts, both are right on, however facts and common sense don't apply when dealing with political greed and selfishness, you know the "system."

I too fished off the Boom at Croton Dam when I was a kid fishing with my Dad; I think my Dad was the first one around here to use the sliding barrel sinker trick. My Uncle Henry lived in Newaygo and helped pass those walleyes over the dam. My Dad's gone but I remember his walleye stories of the Muskegon River.

Mr. Stearns, the Muskegon River was one of the best walleye fisheries in the state and could be again. The Muskegon River is now (their words) a manipulated river, designated trout stream, it isn't really a trout stream, it's a river they happen to plant trout in, nothing more. So as walleyes eat planted trout you might see the true reason they gave you the treatment, not enough food, slow growth, yada yada, standard issue lines.

The Muskegon river also generates the most wild spawned salmon of any river and they require alewives to survive, alewives not only eat zooplankton, but larval perch and walleye as well, regardless of being an invasive species, the DNRE has seen fit to increase the alewife population, (doubled) without any thought to the native fish.

Mr. Whitmore, I agree a summit is needed post haste, the Asian carp are in the lakes and will overrun them easily, how do I know this? Quite simple, there is no reason for them not too! Some facts; the Asian carp are not bothered by cold, do not require long rivers to spawn, and spiny fleas are zooplankton native to China and they also eat larval native fish, and have leaned to root around for food as well, throw in zebra mussel babies (veligers) there's plenty of food for them. In short, Asian carp are 100 pound alewives, that can feed like zebra mussels if need be. You are right about the worst thing that could hit the Great lakes. It appears we get to sit back and watch the destruction, while they "study" the problem, spending millions on nothing, but hey it's just "Guvmint" money right? Who cares?

Mr. Stearns you were right, there's shame to be had, Mr. Whitmore you get together a summit and I'll be there.

We have predators for most of the invasive species here now, and the Asian carp, all native, but they also eat alewives and that's the only thing stopping both of you, me, and every other group that tried to get something going. If the DNRE is at your summit bring a spare pair of pants!

Tom Matych

Twin Lake

June 23, 2010

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