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I want better deer

Dear Woods-N-Water News

I just thought I would forward you this letter I sent to the DNR.

Obviously I am just scratching the surface in my letter, a lot more needs to be addressed:

Dear Director Stokes:

As another deer season begins in Michigan I wish I was living in another state. For what it's worth, I felt it was about time to voice my opinion on some of the DNR regulations for deer managing.

First of all I would like to praise the fact that in some DMUs antler restrictions are starting to change, that's great! However, to make lasting effective changes more must take place!

If you ask anyone who knows anything about managing a deer herd, they will tell you it is so important to keep a handle on your buck to doe ratio. But because Michigan sells two buck tags; this will never happen. The state makes it too easy for hunters to adopt the attitude, "if it's brown it's down!" Two buck tags makes a hunter not care about the first deer he kills because he's got that second tag in his pocket. This results in numerous 1 1/2 year old bucks being killed every year. And with that being the case it makes it difficult for a mature buck to even develop!

If Michigan really cared about the deer hunting, they would take a hard look at what other states such as Ohio, Kansas, Illinois, etc. are doing in managing their deer herd. Ohio for instance is a one buck state, they also are smart in the fact that their gun season isn't till the end of the rut giving a buck a chance to breed, and their timing of their youth hunt is right before their gun season which makes complete sense!

It's unfortunate our MDNR gets bad press in publications and on TV programs because they don't care about the deer herd they just care about selling more tags! If this is true, someone should take a hard look at the future. I'm not a rich person, but if money is what you're after every hunter would pay $30 for their buck tag if they were only offered one. And perhaps you lower the price of doe tags to $9. This would accomplish many good things and the state could still get their money; you would be controlling the growing doe population, and by giving only one buck tag you would be making hunters think before squeezing that trigger, "is this the buck I want to end my season with?"

With these types of changes the result could be that in just a few short years Michigan could be pulling in non-residents willing to pay good money to hunt here! But as it sits now hunters like me who want a chance to even see a mature buck must travel out of state taking our money elsewhere!

Michigan has some of the best habitat to manage a tremendous deer herd! And for what it's worth I felt that as a resident of Michigan and a concerned deer hunter I was obligated to voice my opinion and the opinion of many who wish to have quality bucks in our future!

Concerned hunter,

Joshua Bailey

October 31, 2011

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